Boxing Instructor & Personal Trainer

Liz is a Certified Personal & Group Trainer, and is a former competitive boxer.

Liz has been privileged to have been trained under Canadian Olympic boxing coaches, Dewith Frazer and Russ Anber.

“I originally took up boxing to improve my overall conditioning, but along the way I got a passion to learn and participate in the sport. It has helped me to build things like self-esteem, and discipline, while giving me the confidence in my ability to defend myself if ever needed. These values are critical for everyone to learn while they grow in self improvement. Boxing is not just about the physical, but mentally it makes one strong.
This is one of my main reasons for being passionate about teaching the art of Boxing, also called the Sweet Science”

Even though her days in the ring as a fighter are over, Liz still continues to train and learn with her coach Dewith every week.