Ms. Sheila Hare, 3rd Dan Tae Kwon Moo Do

Tae Kwon-Do & Self Defence Instructor


Sheila been studying Tae Kwon-Do for over 15 years ago. At a young age, she began to show a love for the martial arts, but did not start training until 1998 when she was 17. Sheila began her training at the Guelph branch of Chung Oh’s School under Master Brad Borghese, where in 2001 she earned her 1st Dan Black Belt. During her time at Chung Oh’s School she was able to train with many different instructors including Master Paul Hurst, Mr. Brad Speers, Master Inn Oh, and of course Grandmaster Chung W. Oh himself.

Sheila began teaching as an assistant instructor in 2000. In 2002, Sheila was awarded her 2nd Dan Black Belt & in 2004 became a full time instructor with the Guelph branch. After some time off, Sheila returned to Tae Kwon-Do, and earned her 3rd Dan Black Belt in 2011. In 2014, She agreed to become an Instructor at the Academy.

Over the years, Ms. Hare has won numerous awards, including the following,

1999: Student of the Year

2002: Assistant Instructor of the Year

2003: Champion of the Year & Assistant Instructor of the Year

2000: Champion of the Year

2004: Instructor of the Year

Ms. Hare currently resides in Guelph, Ontario and when not teaching, training or working she enjoys playing Darts, Fishing & the outdoors and spending time with Family & Friends.